Welcome Home Housing receives no funding from any government agency. We are dependent upon volunteers who care about our cause and our people. Our volunteers are special because they are passionate about helping people. They enjoy helping our residents succeed and move ahead. The rewards are worth the time spent. Please contact us for more information.

Volunteer Positions:

Mentor Mom's/Dad's Cooking Coaches:
These volunteers work one-on-one with a resident teaching basic cooking skills. Time requirements are 4:00pm to 5:00pm, once a week

Drivers are occasionally needed to transport residents to special events like the symphony or Rivercat baseball games, home shows, etc. Drivers must have a valid California driver's license, insurance, and a clean DMV record. An added benefit could include admission to an event.

Cleaning Coach:
We need folks to teach residents basic cleaning chores, such as how to vacuum and empty the bag, mop a floor, clean a bathroom, etc. This position requires one day a month commitment.

We believe that the residents need to be involved in the general population as much as possible. We need folks to just be a friend to a resident and to do the things a friend would do.

Appliance Repair Person:
We need a person who knows how to repair appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators and will donate their efforts. We will pay for the parts.

Handy Persons:
We need a few handy persons who can help us with typical household maintenance such as painting a room and repairing the usual things that go wrong in a home. While you are doing it, you can teach a resident how to do it.

Board Member:
We request that anyone interested in being a Board member attend one Board meeting before committing. We meet on the second Tuesday of each odd-numbered month at 6pm near Folsom Blvd and Power Inn Road.

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